Let Go of FEAR

Let me preface what you are about to read...

My first few statements will most likely ignite defensiveness, emotion and a bubbling up in your chest, throat and mind, but please read to the end. Please read to the end, with an open mind and open heart.  Then sit with this for a minute or so before you comment.  Please comment from a place of love and hope. Read on...

Let me say this...  

At least this group of people, who were on the lawn and/or entered the Capitol on January 6, 2021, took their concerns to the very source of their complaints and discord.  They did not take their strong emotions out on their local, already struggling small businesses and communities, wreaking havoc on the very livelihoods that serve their communities.  

This past year has been hard on everyone.  But 2020 has been all about instilling fear in our world.  

There are only two true emotions that we experience as humans, those are Love and Fear.  When people are fearful, they are easily controlled and manipulated. They exude a heavy and dark energy. Think of how an animal senses fear and takes advantage of that. When people are filled with love, they are independent, creative and and hopefully.  With love, they give off a warm, welcoming and calm energy. 

Our world has been showered, maybe even hosed, with fear.  Emotions are high, on edge and all about being reactive! When people are hopeful, they are led by logic, responsive and can come together to create solutions and peace.  

When people are fearful and reactive, they lash out, grasp for any solution, onto any oppositions, suggestion and stories that might offer them comfort and assurance.  In turn, chaos, anger and division follow.  This is across the board, a human experience, not limited to race, political party or other defining boxes. 

When we can see each other for the light, beautiful energy and souls that we are, we can begin to heal and unite.  As long as we keep seeing each other in only differences we will continue to create these small, defining boxes and live in fear, loneliness, isolation and hopelessness.

So go take a look at your neighbor, especially if he or she has an opposing opinion.  Look at them with an open heart...  They are skin, blood, heart, light, and love.  They do have fears, concerns, hopes and dreams, just like you do.

We are all just wanting and needing love, hope, unity, and a massive release of fear.  

Start looking at each other with empathy, compassion and love. Let go of scarcity, fear and hate.  You will feel better inside and our world will begin to heal.


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