Standing In My Truth

 I want you to know, I see you. I hear you and I am here for you. 

However, I can stand with you, I am there, except in anger. 
I have spent nearly a decade of my life in anger and fear.  I can no longer live in anger   It was slowly killing me. 
That is why I choose compassion, love, hope and gentleness.  This is who I am and who I choose to be. 
You will not find me standing in protest holding a sign. I do not judge those who do. I just do not feel this is where real change takes place. 
For six years now, I have dug my heals in deep, kicked and screamed, resisted, held on with all my might, built walls and lived an isolated life. But  I’ve also worked so hard to excavate that pain, and anger.  I have learned to recognize self defeating patterns and behaviors. I have realized how often I backed down and made myself small to lift others up and let them shine. I’ve done a lot of hard self evaluation and soul searching. 

Lately, my journey has lead me to a place, I feel, I am called to go.  A place where I can fulfill my passion and purpose and make a huge impact on future generations. That path is and will be paved with self love, compassion, hope, community, support and love. This is my path to impact the world. This is my calling and what will fill my soul. 
It is not in my purpose to dilute my soul to meet anyone else’s expectations or needs. It is my will, purpose and passion to fill future women leaders with the desire to allow this ripple to effect everyone they meet. That is who I am. That is me answering my calling from God, universe, however you want to define it.   
In this, I find my wholeness, passion, purpose and power. I wish to share this with the world. 


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    1. Nice words on finding yourself Carrie 💜 You are a sweet soul and I wish you the most happiness! 🤗

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