Infusion of Love

During a recent seminar about photography, the speaker explained that anyone can take a great picture and capture the perfect moment as long as they infuse the photo with great intention and love. His portfolio was an inspiring depiction of pure, raw, talented intention and love of his work.

When chatting with my yoga class, a few days after, we were talking about food.  Mom's, Grandmother's or Papaw's food always tastes so much better than anything any one of us can cook.  Thinking deeply about this, it came to me that they created each of their meals to express the love that they felt for each of us.  They infused the food with intentional love and selflessness.

Yesterday, chatting with my mom, brother and sister on text, we were joking around about the meal that mom always cooks for us, most every Saturday night when we all gather at their house.  One of her responses was "All I can promise, is that it will be served with love!"  And that is what makes it taste so good!  Her chili has been copied 1000 times and, no matter what I do, it never tastes like her chili.  I have never taken into account that her love comes through her recipes.  And now, I understand.

Coming full circle in this realization, I wonder what the world would look like, feel like, taste like, sound like, and smell like, if everyone set their intention everyday to do whatever they do, infused with love, hope, patience and pure compassion?  Today, just give it a try.  Whether that intention last 5 minutes or all day, it will truly make a difference to someone.


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