Change is Hard

Begin to Change 

Change is hard.  Whether you want to change something small about yourself or change the world, it all begins with just one thing.  That "thing" being the willingness to step out of your comfort zone and take that leap.  Stepping into an abyss that is bigger than yourself, with no fear, no doubt and no turning back.

Throughout life, we face obstacles and barriers to our happiness.  Struggles are necessary 
for each of us to grow and to learn about ourselves.  From infancy, we overcome barriers to grow physically, mentally and emotionally.  Learning to crawl and walk helps us overcome the need to have someone carry us.  Hearing direction, guidance and stories encourages our mental growth, helps us to learn limitations and expand our imagination.  Exploring tears to laughter and the reactions they produce, stimulates our emotional expansion.  Frequently, we do not view our growth as a struggle or obstacle, especially if it is something we truly want to achieve. But what if it is something that happens that we are not expecting or prepared for? What do we do then?

An unexpected event can stop you dead in your tracks or propel you into a place so unfamiliar.  Emotions can go awry and leave you drained and lost in a black hole of despair, anguish and hopelessness.  Regardless of the circumstance, there is a grieving period that must take place.  A loss of a loved one, a loss of a job, news of disease or changes in your relationship can throw you into a tailspin that feels it will never stop.  No one grieves in the same way and there is no "right way" to grieve and no time limit to heal.  You must feel what you feel and let those emotions run their course.  You must work through each stage of the process and heal one step at a time.

Reaching outside the tailspin for stability and focus is one of many ways to begin healing. Finding someone or something that inspires you to grow through the pain, gives you light to spark a change in your behavior, actions, growth, and emotional wellbeing.  So where do you look for that inspiration?  Where is there opportunity to create a safe place, silence your mind and  allow the glow of your soul to shine again?  This inspiration may come in the form of a friend, a quote, a story you read or someone else's journey.  There is no limit to what or who can trigger a transformation of the heart, the mind and the soul.

Questions to Ask Yourself
What do I need to give up?
What am I losing by not giving up this burden?
What am I gaining by hanging on so tight to this emotion, event, or crisis?
Where do I start to heal?
What am I truly feeling?
And AM I truly feeling this emotion? The physicality of the emotion? The mental consumption? Do you allow yourself to express the emotion(s)?

Inspire a Change Within
Begin with looking inside to make changes within your life, your heart, your soul!

 As much as any of us would like to wish ourselves into a different place in life, we all know it is not possible. We must start at our present place and make a plan to reach our goals. 

Start From Where You Are...


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