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Self Less

  “Too much Selfless leaves you, well, Self Less…. Less Yourself…” I said this to a friend recently.  We have been chatting and trying to figure out this Mid Life thing.  Both of us, with three kids and a husband, searching for where we might have lost ourselves along this path of life.  Constantly making sure everyone is taken care of, the house clean, the laundry done, kids at every activity and being cheerleaders for everyone, we forgot to cheer for ourselves.  Now that our kids are almost grown, we are struggling as the identity we thought defined us, is walking out the door to make their own lives.   We are longing for that wild that has been suppressed, folded and put neatly in the closet, for that “just in case” time.  But now that wild feels molded, tarnished and out of date.  Have we grown too old to live fully once again?  Have we squashed our passions for responsibilities?   (Oh, please know, that each of our precious children are beyond anything that we could have ever