As women, are we all sisters, together

Or are we White sisters, Black Sisters, Hispanic Sister, etc?

Divided by our culture?

Are we women working together to lift each other up, support each other, love, believe in, listen to each other?

Or are we divided by our beliefs, color, finances, even hair color?

Are we sisters striving to be our best selves, reaching down and pulling the next woman up?

Or are we competing, trampling on another to be above, more in the spot light and collecting more followers?

Are we friends and sisters through the good, the bad, the ugly cries and beautiful celebrations? 

Or do we crush each other for the next hot, rich man that comes along?

Do we help each other believe in ourselves, our power and incredible, unique abilities?

Or do we believe only one can be the best and it can only be YOU?

Are you a sister in solidarity to shine and allow others to join you in shining, burning brighter with every hand joined, knowing we are truly in power and not allowing anyone to create doubt in who we are and who we are meant to be?  Be the one who reaches down to pull a sister up with you and not the one stepping on her head to get above her. 


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