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Deep Reflection of 2020

  As 2020 skids to an end, it allows a time of reflection on a year that has thrown the world, not only a curve ball, but into chaos, upheaval, fear and  pain.  2020 had forced change upon this old world, ripping off thick scabs and throwing fuel on an low burning flame.   In this year of crisis, we have had to dig deep in our soul to maintain any sort of “normalcy” in our lives.  What have we learned?  What have we had to let go of?  Where have we grown?  Where have we regressed in humanity?  What values have been hardened or shifted into new perspectives?  What have we realized about the importance of people, things and standards and what is just excess baggage that weighs us down?  From my vantage point, at first, I saw hope and unity emerging from the pandemic.  I witnessed a humanity that realized how similar, vulnerable, and dependent we are on each other.  Not only were our immune systems at risk of a virus, but our lively hoods, our mental health and our human connections be