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Careful with Setting Your Intentions

On January 1, 2020, I sat in front of 20 beautiful souls who gathered inside the sanctuary of Inspired Change Yoga. As I led the class through meditation, asana and guidance on Intention Setting for the new year, I set my intention upon Letting Go. For me, I had held on excruciatingly tight to pain, heartache, self doubt and so much more, for so many years. I had finally come to the place where letting go became my only option. I embodied this intention. I talked about this intention. I wrote about this intention. I meditated on this intention. As the year slowly began, the studio and I grew in the expectations of the brilliance that 2020 would become. This was the year that Inspired Change Yoga was going to make a profit. This was the year that I was focused on my yoga knowledge, my practice and clearing all that no longer served me, creating abundance in those clean, empty corners that were once littered with traumas, heartache and challenges. February became March and fear set in ar