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Do We Just Let It Burn?

We all, lately, have witnessed such destruction in our country.  I will never understand why it feels necessary to some to set fires, break windows and loot, in order to protest a horrific event in our world.  Why create more devastation where there is already so much pain. In all of history, when has violence, destruction and war ever, truly helped to change anything? Protesting, letting your voice be heard, carrying a sign stating what is in your heart, writing, talking, having true, deep conversations, and coming together are constructive methods of change.  Through destruction, you destroy another's dream and hard work. Through destruction, often whole communities that are already struggling are damaged or devastated beyond repair, leaving people homeless and scared.  Fear and anger grow with violence.  More wounds are ripped open and infected and more scars are formed. A few local businesses have been hurt by what started out as a peaceful protest. It only takes one volatil

Come Sit Beside Me

Sit!    Come sit beside me and tell me your pain .  Explain to me what touches you the most!  Show me your scar. Tell me the story of how you got them and then tell me how they have healed thus far.  What have you done to take care of yourself to heal these scars?  Tell me what you think will continue to heal it.  Tell me your dreams.  Tell me what you see for yourself, your children, your grandchildren in the years to come.  Tell me how you are looking deep inside yourself and starting with you to improve the world.  Tell me how we can join hands to take this beyond the deaf ears in the streets.  Sit here beside me, let us make a plan.  Write it down, feel it , really FEEL it, embody it! Imagine that place of peace and healing.  Imagine your grandchildren playing in a park, joyfully, no worries and full of life.  You created this place for them.  Imagine that day and take that pride, peace, change to the world.  What does it look like?  How have you changed?  What does your heart fee

What If?

What are you doing?  Do you really want to change and grow?  Do you really want to shine that growth into the world?  Are you willing to be vulnerable? We all know we can not change others.  We can not make them see through our eyes, our experiences, and our hearts. We must also acknowledge and realize that we can not negate others experiences. Our experiences create our being, our passions, our growth, and our missions in life.  Even through same experiences, people carry different traumas, lessons, enlightenment and scars.  Just because your scars look different, it does not mean the the impact of one is less or more than the other. What if we each sat down and asked one another about their scars instead of saying "but my scar is worse, deeper, more impactful." What if we listened and offered compassion, understanding, a shoulder to cry upon, a hug, a tear for our friend. Then, what if we asked, "what can I do to help you overcome, grow stronger and help you overcome