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When Decluttering Leads to De-Chaos-Ing

We are all engulfed by a feeling of powerlessness during this time.   A feeling of no control over what is happening in our world or maybe, even, in our own life.   A great nation, such as the United States, is being attacked by an invisible entity and we are all at its mercy. Our streets, normally buzzing with activity and voices, are now silent.   Ghost towns have emerged where great celebrations once took place.   Wildlife has begun to explore and reclaim what once belonged to them.   What is happening in this world?   As we sit in our homes longing to regain control in our lives, we can do little things to feel more in control of our space.   For most of us in America, we live with a lot of excess.   Maybe this time given to us, is allowing us to take a look at what is important to us.   Have we been too indulgent in our lives?   Do we shop too much and fill our homes with stuff and not with the love, friendship and the ease that we need?   Do we find cleaning is overwhelming