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When You Hear What You Need To Hear

I sit here tonight and finish this bottle of red wine, that I don't even really normally like, but it has been a day... I reflect on my yoga class, I actually got to take, yesterday. My instructor handed out intention cards and we each randomly chose one.  I read it and wondered what the hell it meant.  It said,  along with other things, "come out of the closet."  I dismissed it at first.  I had nothing to come out of the closet about... We practiced and I breathed.  I attempted to clear my head with each deep breath, in and out.  The teacher, at one point, reminded us to bring that card back to our attention.  I internally shook my head and rolled my eyes. At the end of class, she passed around a book that explained our cards in more depth.  I read it and then it hit me.  I understood right there... What I am hiding in my closet is that I sugar coat things and that is why it always seems to come out wrong when I am trying to explain my thoughts.   So

Beautiful Differences

As our world population writhes in the pain of existence, we humans keep trying to organize everyone is neat little categories.  We divide ourselves by skin color, hair color, eye color, where we grew up, where we went to school or college, who our ancestors were, which yoga pants we choose, the car we drive, the neighborhood we live in, which side of the political pendulum you hang from.  Are these categories meant to make people feel special?  Are they made to divide us?   My thought, if we keep drawing lines and defining ourselves by our differences, we each will end up alone in our little chained off space.  No two of us are alike and that is such a gift.  We need to celebrate our uniqueness and share what makes each of us special, instead of marking out those thick, dark lines that separate us because of our variations.  Why would we ever want to be like anyone else?  Why would you not want to cheer about all your incredible, incomparable characteristics? I feel, we need to