After the Storms

After the Storms

Have you ever looked up after a bad storm has cleared and noticed the clarity in the sky and the indescribable blue against the puffy, white clouds?  Have you walked out on your porch and taken a deep, cleansing breath of the renewed, refreshed air? There is always a reason for the storm, wind blowing, thunder rolling and the chill. The electricity in the air, the rain falling forcefully, is sent to cleanse the atmosphere,  renew the oxygen and give the planet life and nourishment.

We, as humans, have lost our ability to refresh after storms.  Bad things happen in the world, unexpected things take away our faith and tragedy strips us of our strength.  Too often, we find solidarity in the storm and want to stay in the chaos with which we are familiar.

We have two choices after experiencing a storm. We can wallow and engulf ourselves in the grief, holding onto the darkness, the thunder and the stimulation of the lightening. Clinging to the angry skies, lets us feed off our fears and can feel safe in the knowledge that you know what to expect.  Or, we can walk out onto the porch and be reminded that there are reasons that we must endure the storms of life. With that, we can be grateful for the renewed breath and clarity that each storm has offered.  Breathe in the peaceful, cool air into your lungs.  Let your eyes take in the gentle blue of the sky.  Find that rainbow, just over the horizon.  You have come out on the other side, with each storm making you stronger than the last. 

It has always been your choice, as to how you face the storm and 
recover in the sunlight!


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