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After the Storms

After the Storms Have you ever looked up after a bad storm has cleared and noticed the clarity in the sky and the indescribable blue against the puffy, white clouds?  Have you walked out on your porch and taken a deep, cleansing breath of the renewed, refreshed air? There is always a reason for the storm, wind blowing, thunder rolling and the chill. The electricity in the air, the rain falling forcefully, is sent to cleanse the atmosphere,  renew the oxygen and give the planet life and nourishment. We, as humans, have lost our ability to refresh after storms.  Bad things happen in the world, unexpected things take away our faith and tragedy strips us of our strength.  Too often, we find solidarity in the storm and want to stay in the chaos with which we are familiar. We have two choices after experiencing a storm. We can wallow and engulf ourselves in the grief, holding onto the darkness, the thunder and the stimulation of the lightening. Clinging to the angry skies, lets us

Looking Through the Filters of Your Life

 Looking Through the Filters of Your Life I took two pictures of the same sunset.  The first one, I shot straight with no filter.  The second, I used a darker filter. The differences in the pictures were dramatic. Looking at these photos, it made me think about the way people look at life and the events that occur daily.  Their experiences in their life adds a filter to the views.  What one person sees as light and hope, may set off anxiety and fear in another.  Recognizing the discrepancies between experiences and reactions of each of us, can help us be more compassionate to each other.   Everyone has experienced some kind of trauma in their lives.  Everyone has experienced some joy in their lives.  The number and intensity of these events color our lives and bring us to our current selves. How can we judge someone when we have not endured their  personal journey? It is impossible to see through another's eyes.  So in this time of turmoil, disorder and co