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When You Hear What You Need To Hear

I sit here tonight and finish this bottle of red wine, that I don't even really normally like, but it has been a day... I reflect on my yoga class, I actually got to take, yesterday. My instructor handed out intention cards and we each randomly chose one.  I read it and wondered what the hell it meant.  It said,  along with other things, "come out of the closet."  I dismissed it at first.  I had nothing to come out of the closet about... We practiced and I breathed.  I attempted to clear my head with each deep breath, in and out.  The teacher, at one point, reminded us to bring that card back to our attention.  I internally shook my head and rolled my eyes. At the end of class, she passed around a book that explained our cards in more depth.  I read it and then it hit me.  I understood right there... What I am hiding in my closet is that I sugar coat things and that is why it always seems to come out wrong when I am trying to explain my thoughts.   So

Beautiful Differences

As our world population writhes in the pain of existence, we humans keep trying to organize everyone is neat little categories.  We divide ourselves by skin color, hair color, eye color, where we grew up, where we went to school or college, who our ancestors were, which yoga pants we choose, the car we drive, the neighborhood we live in, which side of the political pendulum you hang from.  Are these categories meant to make people feel special?  Are they made to divide us?   My thought, if we keep drawing lines and defining ourselves by our differences, we each will end up alone in our little chained off space.  No two of us are alike and that is such a gift.  We need to celebrate our uniqueness and share what makes each of us special, instead of marking out those thick, dark lines that separate us because of our variations.  Why would we ever want to be like anyone else?  Why would you not want to cheer about all your incredible, incomparable characteristics? I feel, we need to

After the Storms

After the Storms Have you ever looked up after a bad storm has cleared and noticed the clarity in the sky and the indescribable blue against the puffy, white clouds?  Have you walked out on your porch and taken a deep, cleansing breath of the renewed, refreshed air? There is always a reason for the storm, wind blowing, thunder rolling and the chill. The electricity in the air, the rain falling forcefully, is sent to cleanse the atmosphere,  renew the oxygen and give the planet life and nourishment. We, as humans, have lost our ability to refresh after storms.  Bad things happen in the world, unexpected things take away our faith and tragedy strips us of our strength.  Too often, we find solidarity in the storm and want to stay in the chaos with which we are familiar. We have two choices after experiencing a storm. We can wallow and engulf ourselves in the grief, holding onto the darkness, the thunder and the stimulation of the lightening. Clinging to the angry skies, lets us

Looking Through the Filters of Your Life

 Looking Through the Filters of Your Life I took two pictures of the same sunset.  The first one, I shot straight with no filter.  The second, I used a darker filter. The differences in the pictures were dramatic. Looking at these photos, it made me think about the way people look at life and the events that occur daily.  Their experiences in their life adds a filter to the views.  What one person sees as light and hope, may set off anxiety and fear in another.  Recognizing the discrepancies between experiences and reactions of each of us, can help us be more compassionate to each other.   Everyone has experienced some kind of trauma in their lives.  Everyone has experienced some joy in their lives.  The number and intensity of these events color our lives and bring us to our current selves. How can we judge someone when we have not endured their  personal journey? It is impossible to see through another's eyes.  So in this time of turmoil, disorder and co

Infusion of Love

During a recent seminar about photography, the speaker explained that anyone can take a great picture and capture the perfect moment as long as they infuse the photo with great intention and love. His portfolio was an inspiring depiction of pure, raw, talented intention and love of his work. When chatting with my yoga class, a few days after, we were talking about food.  Mom's, Grandmother's or Papaw's food always tastes so much better than anything any one of us can cook.  Thinking deeply about this, it came to me that they created each of their meals to express the love that they felt for each of us.  They infused the food with intentional love and selflessness. Yesterday, chatting with my mom, brother and sister on text, we were joking around about the meal that mom always cooks for us, most every Saturday night when we all gather at their house.  One of her responses was "All I can promise, is that it will be served with love!"  And that is what makes it t

Engulfing Loneliness

What is lonely? Is it a feeling? A state of mind? A physical lack of others? Of course everyone feels it differently.  Not everyone even realizes they are lonely until they look back and reflect on the moments of their life. This recently happened to me as I walked around the campus of my alma mater, some 21 plus years later.  I was physically without my family or friends and, for the most part, chose to take this trip alone.  Wasting time until the school store opened, I walked around noticing the many changes and the foundations that remain the same.  The "kids" that trudged along with backpacks and Starbucks cups are just slightly older than my oldest son.  I sat and absorbed the energy of the youth, feeling so old but yet, feeling as if I had just left that campus yesterday. Reflecting back when I was in my early 20's, working 40 hours a week, taking a load of classes and trying to be so grown up, I missed a lot of what is truly college life.  Sure, I went out,