The Power

In the wake of the Presidential election, our country is more divided than ever.  Where is the Power in that?

All over social media, we are witnessing people regurgitating posts such as "AmeriKKKa" and how they are scared for their lives and the lives of their fellow humans. Just think about this a moment.

The KKK and other such Hate Groups are really just terrorists and thrive on the knowledge that "you" fear them. There are more than 1000 Hate Groups in the United States.  White Supremacy and Black Supremacy lead the pack. By posting and reposting the obnoxious spelling of our Free Country,  hate messages sprawled across building, and articles of hate groups, you are spoon feeding them power.  You are actually creating fear in our society, engulfing and spreading exactly what they want you to do, instill FEAR!  As the part of society that is in utter disbelief and protesting, reposting pictures of all the horrible things that a small percentage of Americans are doing, they are actually helping Hate groups accomplish their goals.  So these people who are attempting to make half of the country appear to be horrific, they are actually the ones perpetuating the cycle of violence and the real "deplorables" in our society.

Hatred has spewed and emotions are out of control.  Police cars have been destroyed. A Federal building was set on fire. Flags have been burnt.  An effigy of Trump has been hung. A city hall in Oakland has been stormed.  Local businesses have had their windows shattered.  Threats have been made on Trumps life, and so much more.  Is this the way a group of people should act who claim to be tolerant and accepting of all lives and lifestyles. Is this how we want our children to act?  Is this the behavior of the group who claims to stand on freedom of speech, pressreligionfree marketscivil rightsdemocratic processgender equality, etc., according to Wikipedia. The democratic process was followed and this is the results.  Just because you may not approve of the choice that was made, does not give you a right to destroy the country, bash those that disagree, or become the hate that you claim to detest.

So let us all stop giving power to anyone who erupts with hatred and start embracing the good in our  lives, country and humanity.  It is up to each individual to "be the change they wish to see in the world."  You can take that step everyday with something so little as a smile.


  1. Great Peacefull post.... I feel slightly different being a minority but I refuse to speak negatively on a positive blog.

  2. Good read that makes me think of how my word and actions impact others!


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