Humanity or Not?

So driving home today with my 16 year old son, we were talking about life and little about the Walking Dead.  I say to him that it is the sad truth, unfortunately, that we live in a world where we would not come together during such turmoil and chaos.  We would make our own self a priority and kill to stay alive.  He says to me, "So far, I have learned in life, that there is no good in humanity.  Humanity is inherently bad.  So we should not want to be a part of humanity."  It blew me away at such a profound statement from my tough football player who does not talk nearly as much as I would like him to.  
But he is so completely correct.  Humanity is selfish, arrogant and ultimately merciless.  We have seen it in a small crisis, such as the recent "gas shortage."  People crazily grappling for containers to fill so they would have gas whether the "other guy" did or not.  The saddest part is that this was not even a real crisis.  
But then there are the tragedies like 9/11/01.  What I witnessed, was a whole nation coming together to support those with the greatest loss and regrouping as ONE to regain the footing of this great Nation after unspeakable attacks.  The empathy and love engulfed  the United States and we could feel that united was a truth.  We stood together, took each others hands, wrapped our arms around each other and loved each other.  What happened to that unity?  Where did that loyalty and support go?
It seems that over the past 10 years, we let that slip away and began to embrace hatred, division and power over love, unity and compassion. We thrive on division and trying to out do the other.  Either we are clawing our way to the top, stepping on others, hoping and scheming that we are better, will win more, be more and have more, or we are wallowing and whining about being suppressed or weakened by another.  We are always competing over being the best or competing for sympathy because we have been dealt a bad hand.  There seems to be no happy medium where people are fulfilled then reach back to help the next one up.
Why have we shifted into such a narcissistic, entitled society?  What is this teaching our kids?  I feel that my generation, Generation X, really knows better, but does not seem to care if the Millennial Generation learns compassion, hard work and initiative. In the age of instant gratification, we have lost our desire to achieve upon hard work and be proud of accomplishments.  This generation that is coming of age now, has this sense of entitlement.  Like life is like the sack race in elementary school, everyone gets a ribbon because they participated.  NO... Life is not like that. Not Real Life anyway.  
I try to teach my children that they are responsible for their life, their happiness, achieving their goals and dreams and taking care of each other.  No one can do it for them and they are entitled to absolutely nothing in the world.  You can not just take what you want and not pay a price for it!  You earn your way.  You earn compassion and, in turn, give compassion selflessly. You strive to be the best you can be and do not compete with anyone else for your title, wellbeing and strengths.  You do reach behind you and offer a hand to those that are still struggling and do not step on them when they are down.  
Yes, we are all human, but embracing humanity, I am not sure that is a good thing...Do we really want to embrace our true humanity?  Or should we strive to embrace compassion and love.  Humanity has always lived in turmoil, clambering to be on top of one another rather than be THERE for one another. God told us to love one another.  Selfishly, we do not.  So my son is correct in his assessment that we really should not strive to be human.  We should strive to be above humanity and live with true compassion and love.


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