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Humanity or Not?

So driving home today with my 16 year old son, we were talking about life and little about the Walking Dead.  I say to him that it is the sad truth, unfortunately, that we live in a world where we would not come together during such turmoil and chaos.  We would make our own self a priority and kill to stay alive.  He says to me, "So far, I have learned in life, that there is no good in humanity.  Humanity is inherently bad.  So we should not want to be a part of humanity."  It blew me away at such a profound statement from my tough football player who does not talk nearly as much as I would like him to.   But he is so completely correct.  Humanity is selfish, arrogant and ultimately merciless.  We have seen it in a small crisis, such as the recent "gas shortage."  People crazily grappling for containers to fill so they would have gas whether the "other guy" did or not.  The saddest part is that this was not even a real crisis.   But then there are the tr

Value of Being Alone

As most people live with multiple roles to play, it is very difficult to find any time to just be alone with yourself. As a mother of 3, a wife, a yoga studio owner, etc., I am pulled in many directions daily.  There are phone calls, emails, extra curricular activities, groceries, and the list goes on and on!  I probably can not name one person who does not constantly change hats throughout their day.  It is rare that I have a few hours alone to sit, to think, to reflect upon my life and all it entails.  But I crave that few hours of silence, or of turning my music up to rattle the walls.  This time allows me to be me and breathe and recuperate from the pull that constantly engulfs me.  Can you relate?  Yes, I know, you most certainly can relate!! I have been reading "Love Warrior" by Glennon Doyle Melton.  In this book, she talks often about sending "her representative" out into the world. She uses her representatives to mask her true self in social situatio

Judgment to Authenticity

You have done it.  I have done it. We all do it!  It is that thought about someone that asked, why, how, OMG, and WTF?  We look at someone and can not comprehend why they would wear THAT outfit, that makeup, be that snooty, or anything else that is their choice.  Or maybe it is something that is not their choice, like where they were raised or who they have as a parent?  We stand there, checking out someone, usually someone you have yet to meet, and decide their story for them.  We compare ourselves and then make a judgment about them based on our perspective.  This comparison may be to make us feel better or worse about ourselves. A certain amount of judgment is necessary to preserve the self.  An example of this would be that stranger walking toward you looking suspiciously like he may grab your purse, so in your best judgment, you pull your purse tighter and quickly change direction. Differently, making up a story about the subject in order to make yourself feel better than them

Unconditional Love

What do you know about unconditional love?  By definition, it is an adoration of someone, without limitations.  We know our parents should love us like this.  I know mine do! And I feel extremely blessed by their love and them teaching me what it means to be there for someone through any thing they are dealing with or celebrating.  It is just what you do! Unconditional love feels safe, warm and reassuring no matter what happens in your life.  This kind of devotion is there when you are happy, sad, celebrating, angry, frustrated and completely lost. Anyone can give you this kind of security and shelter in your life.  You can, also, offer it to anyone.  It does not have to be romantic love.  Parenthood, friendship and pet love can be one of the truest forms of unconditional love.  When you have this, you will know it, you will feel it, you can see it by looking at the person or the pet who is offering you such a gift.  When you look into their eyes, it will engulf you and warm you to

Pieces That No Longer Fit

A few years ago, something emerged in my life that drastically changed me. It was devastating in many ways and I became a person I no longer recognize.  I slowly watched this implosion happen in my life, as if I was watching from a distant mountain, knowing what was happening without any control over the outcome. A slow motion train wreck... a silent atomic bomb waiting to detonate... Once the impact hit, I crumbled.  I cried. I drank. I denied.  I curled up and slept.  I could not sleep.  I screamed.  I ran. I shut down. I reached out.  I built walls. I needed my friends.  I had drama that they did not want to be part of.  I felt abandoned.  And I've made myself busy, and busier and busier. I lost my way.  I looked into the mirror and gazed straight through myself. Do you know what that is like?  Have you ever done this?  It is quite terrifying to look into my own eyes and see the nothingness engulfing me.  I no longer felt anything at a point.  Numb to the core.  There are s

Be Kind...

In the past week, locally, two young boys have lost their lives.  One was a 6 year old victim of a disturbed 14 year old, the other a high school senior boy, who took his own life.  We always begin with the question, WHY? And yet, we always know there is no logical answer as to why any human would choose to harm another or themselves.  We try to rationalize, make up our own stories, push blame on others, or God or the availability of guns in our world.  But there is no reason, no good reason anyway.   Why would one young man choose to go on a rampage to take other lives, screaming he hated his life, while another silently takes his own life?  There is no logic to that.  Were these young men tortured in their daily lives?  Were they just having a bad day? We will never truly know the thoughts that brought these tragic endings to two young, inspiring lives. Please take a moment and offer silence in their memories... So let us broaden this scope.  Our lives are bombarde