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The Look of Change

"People can change when they realize that the pleasure of changing is greater than the pain of staying the same." ~ Adam Hansen So you have been through turmoil in your life...  Were you the instigator, the victim, or just a part of the situation?  Regardless of your role in the events, it is only you that can process the situation and pull yourself out of the pit of despair and self-pity.  Yes, easy to say, but extremely hard to do.  And, no, I do not have the answers.  How I wish I knew the magic formula that can be sprinkled on our souls and heal each in the blink of an eye.  I do know it takes work, lots of hard work.  For me, prayers help to ease pain, or give me direction.  There are counselors, meditations, self-help books, workshops and internet articles to look to for guidance.  But truly letting go, that is the mountainous pile of emotions that feels impossible to chip away.   Feel it!  Feel it completely and truly.  Do not shove it aside or act as if you "go

Balance Between the Heart and Head

As emotions are raw, we seek to find balance between the heart and the head. We ALL know what is the good and right thing to do, but when we let our emotions lead the way, we tend to do things that we should not or would not necessarily do or say while in a calm and controlled state. Every thing we go through in life is to teach us a lesson, to help us grow. What we choose to do with those lessons, is up to us. We can become hardened, hateful and vengeful, allowing it to eat us up inside. Or, we can take those lessons and allow it to make us better, more compassionate human beings. With the latter, we have better control over those emotions and can take that to others. Would it not be better to use your skills and experiences to help ease someone else's pain, rather than join in that pain with them and keep ripping away the scabs, so they never heal. Lying down and wallowing with someone else in pain does not help them. Holding them up and allowing your pain and healing to guide t

Change is Hard

Begin to Change  Change is hard.  Whether you want to change something small about yourself or change the world, it all begins with just one thing.  That "thing" being the willingness to step out of your comfort zone and take that leap.  Stepping into an abyss that is bigger than yourself, with no fear, no doubt and no turning back. Throughout life, we face obstacles and barriers to our happiness.  Struggles are necessary  for each of us to grow and to learn about ourselves.  From infancy, we overcome barriers to grow physically, mentally and emotionally.  Learning to crawl and walk helps us overcome the need to have someone carry us.  Hearing direction, guidance and stories encourages our mental growth, helps us to learn limitations and expand our imagination.  Exploring tears to laughter and the reactions they produce, stimulates our emotional expansion.  Frequently, we do not view our growth as a struggle or obstacle, especially if it is something we truly wan